A blog on the culture I encounter, and how it may encounter other definitions of culture… however vague that term may be. Culture can be defined as a stupid amount of different things whether it be art, philosophy, manifestations of the human intellectual achievement, depressing reflections of society, reassuring reflections of society, television, film, theatre, music, video games, funny things I find on reddit, and everything in between! I’m treating this blog as a space to organise my thoughts and reflections on all these things and more in a vain attempt to understand and connect all the dots my brain tries to make when considering cultural encounters.

Please follow this link for a full Portfolio of my work: https://www.willtjarvis.co.uk/

Will Jarvis

Sealed (2016-2017)

Sealed Will Jarvis
Sealed Poster by Alex Thomas

Wrote, co-directed and co-produced a theatre play whilst at Exeter University. The play’s production was originally supported by “Theatre with Teeth”, Exeter University’s theatre society for original writing, and was performed upstairs at Exeter’s Boston Tea Party Restaurant / Bar with a three night run to great reviews.

Sealed Will Jarvis


Subsequently, we independently toured the play, with most of the original cast, for a three night run at the OSO Arts Center in Barnes (South West London).



 Pentonville Prison (2017)

Volunteered to visit Pentonville Prison to help inmates prepare for their Christmas show. Took part in leading a workshop inside the prison, giving directorial advice and working with inmates to read and study the text.

London Shakespeare Workout
London Shakespeare Workout by Abigail Yentis

OSO Pantomine

OSO Pantomime (2012-2017)

After touring a pantomime around some local schools in London, a company that I am now pa

rt of produces a new pantomime every Christmas at our local theatre. We normally put it on 7 or 8 times in the week running up to Christmas.

As well as our usual audiences, we also perform in front of children with severe physical and learning difficulties who wouldn’t be able to go to the theatre in a conventional venue. Afterwards, we talk to them and the parents about the story while still in character. This is all in collaboration with the Barnes Activities Station.


The Guardian of the Narnian Gate (2017-2018)

Firewater by Paradox Theatre

Playing the narrator, one of the leading roles, in a professional short film being shot in Hackney.


Firewater (2017)

Performed in a 4-actor piece of new writing at Exeter, the Poltimore Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with ‘Paradox Theatre’, a small theatre company.


Much Ado About Nothing (2017)

Played Don Pedro in a student production at the Stratford Arts House.


The Pillowman (2016)

Co-directed an adaptation of The Pillowman, by Martin Macdonough, making small changes to the script in order to balance the female & male casting.

Shakespeare Star Wars (2016)

Shakespeare Star Wars

Co-Produced and co-directed a workshop production where we had no budget.I supervised the building and creation of props, set and costumes as well as directing an ensemble of 12 in a very complicated production that only had 2 performances in total, both on the same day.


 Marat / Sade (2015)

Collaborated as an actor, director, technician and video editor for a production of Peter Weiss’ Marat/Sade.

Alongside working within a group of 7 to perform an edited version of  the 1964 stage play (which we chose to set during the 2015 General Election), I also managed the light and sound for the show and edited extracts of film that were projected on the back wall of the stage throughout.


 24 Hour Plays    (2014-2017)

Participated in 24 Hour Plays throughout my time at university: students have just under 24 hours to write, direct, rehearse and perform a piece of theatre. I’ve taken part in this as a director, writer and actor.


Exeter T3 Festival (2014-2017)

Alongside the projects I have already mentioned, I participated in a dozen or so other projects throughout my time at University, many of which were produced independently (rather than under a University Society) during the Exeter T3 Festival. These included performing in a radio play, researching mental illness for a character in a piece of new writing and collaborating on a production which we toured to the Camden Fringe festival at the Electra Theatre.


Five Degrees Out (2014-2016)

Performed in a student-produced television series, collaborating within a large crew in complicated shoots.


Flight of the Lawnchair Man (2014)

Took a production to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with my school.


Punk Rock (2012)

While still in Sixth Form, a friend of mine decided to take a stage play out of the school environment and performed it to a paying audience at our local theatre.